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Soulfully Spoken  Co. believes in the power of self discovery through the method of connecting to your soul purpose, the deeper meaning of self – and the power of getting back to that place.

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Vanessa L. Bryant

Vanessa L. Bryant is a connector of people, creator, writer, speaker, and compassionate self-advocacy and empowerment coach. Her journey from war-torn Liberia to Salt Lake City, Utah, has been one of profound self-discovery, where she learned to embrace her unique qualities and find strength within them.


As a Master Certified Professional Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and an MBA, Vanessa skillfully merges her academic and professional expertise to establish Soulfully Spoken Co., where she nurtures and uplifts the minds, bodies, and souls of countless individuals. Through her work as an author and event curator, notably at the Unleashed Summit, Vanessa adeptly leads others on transformative growth journeys. By sharing her personal story, she champions the profound impact of vulnerability and connection, exemplifying the tools essential to living an empowered and soul-fueling life.

Hear more about Vanessa's story here.

Client Testimonials

“Vanessa helps you find the voice that we all have inside. Her guidance and coaching is delivered in a way that is so organic which creates comfort with letting your guard down and discovering yourself."

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