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Hi, my name is Vanessa L. Bryant, and I am so honored that you found yourself here and want to know more about me.  In case you don't continue reading this entire bio, the most important things to know about me is that I am an every day woman looking to inspire other women to continually walk in their purpose. 


Vanessa L. Bryant is a compassionate mentor dedicated to soul care and self-advocacy. Born in Liberia, West Africa, Vanessa's life began on a challenging path that led her from a war-torn country to Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up as a minority, she had to learn to navigate the often difficult journey of finding value in her differences and embracing the confidence in her unique qualities. However, what was always clear to her was her passion for helping others and found it easy to lean into this space with unwavering dedication.


With a background in nursing and a Master's in Business Administration, Vanessa spent several years as a Pediatric Oncology nurse, offering compassionate care to children and contributing to the development of care coordinator programs. These programs aimed to assist patients and their families in navigating the complexities of their diagnosis and the challenges of the healthcare system. Vanessa's commitment to providing holistic care and support was evident throughout her nursing career.


Life took a transformative turn when Vanessa became a mother and chose to prioritize her family while pursuing personal growth. During this crucial period, she rediscovered her love for writing and turned to journaling as a powerful means of self-expression. In 2019, Vanessa proudly released her debut book, "The Rib," which not only chronicled her own journey but also served as an inspiration for others seeking their own paths of self-discovery.


As an author, Vanessa began curating events that brought women together, fostering vulnerability and providing an empowering space for mutual inspiration. It was through this experience that she found her passion for designing transformative events, such as UNLEASHED SUMMIT, centered on helping women uncover their full potential and embrace the divine feminine. Her events are described as soul-fueling and powerful, offering sessions that guide individuals to becoming their best selves. By drawing upon her personal experiences, training in positive intelligence, and soul coaching, Vanessa has become the soulfully spoken. She finds joy & purpose in cultivating opportunities to gather, facilitating heartfelt conversations, leading reflective exercises, and demonstrating powerful techniques that empower individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and effect positive, lasting change of the mind, body, and soul.


Beyond her events, Vanessa's visionary approach extends to group programs, individual coaching and community building. With meticulous attention to detail, she designs intentional programing that serves as catalysts for personal and spiritual growth. Overtime, Soulfully Spoken has become an immersive experience that brings together like-minded individuals, creating safe and nurturing spaces for connection, healing, and expansion. Whether it is a serene retreat setting, captivating corporate workshops, or powerful community outreach each events, Vanessa designs a soul-fueling atmosphere.


Vanessa's impact reaches far beyond her events and coaching. Through her writings, public speaking engagements, and online platforms, she shares her wisdom and inspiration with a global audience. Her authentic voice resonates deeply, fostering self-acceptance, faith, love, and empowerment.


If you are seeking guidance on your own transformative journey, Vanessa L. Bryant is here to support you. You are invited to participate in this community and embrace your true potential, connect with your inner wisdom, and step into a life filled with purpose, self-acceptance and fulfillment.  Connect with Vanessa by email, social media, newsletter, books, and upcoming events!


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